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about me and this community

I'm Linh.

Until today, I'm 17 and 6 months old (still counting until I legitimately turn 18 and become an adult so I could do whatever the heck I want to do).

I'm currently attending a community college because I'm allowed to do so. I skip my senior year and it's the worst choice ever. I haven't worn a graduation gown yet, while all my friends already have. It seems fun. And they also have a senior trip with each other, which is something I will never get to do (and yes, I'm currently typing this while they are all gone for the summer vacation. And I'm stucking at home typing this crappily sad thread to my brand new blog because I'm too lazy to type 3 college essays which are due next Monday).

I love eating and traveling. My dream job currently is to be able to travel and savor all the cuisine.

I'm into fitness lately and currently attempt to be healthy (which fails miserably).

Oh and I love photography too. I love taking pictures, posting them, and looking at them on all social media (follow me @ instagram || tumblr || flickr || pinterest || vsco || exposure) (omg, shameless self-promoting...)

Well, this blog is mostly pointless and basically contains all the random stuffs that pop in my head. But please do enjoy looking and judging while you are on it. All criticism will be well-accepted.

Also, English is not my mother-tongue so pardon my grammar and language.

I will also include navigation for this blog here because livejournal can be annoying most of the time (not that I'm complaining).

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