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1°C; banh mi

ah, banh mi. good old banh mi.

The grilled chicken banh mi I had yesterday
As an international student, craving for your hometown food is no surprised. It has been more than eight months since I arrived to the States, and my intensity craving for Vietnamese food is no joke.

I miss banh mi, pho, bun bo hue, hu tieu, banh canh, banh xeo, banh cuon, etc., you name it. I miss the taste of a good banh mi from the first bite, going down to my throat, then to my belly. As I chew it, the flavor starts spreading around my mouth, something sweet from the sauce, yet sour from pickled vegetable, to the soft and tender of the pork, the spice from chillies and herbs. The balance between the meat and herbs swirls in my mouth, creating the most marvelous taste I could ever have.

Oh how I miss it.

Sure some of the banh mi in Seattle is good too (Saigon Deli for example. There are tons of good review for this shop). But nothing tastes better when you eat the food in its hometown. Because it's legit, it's authentic! Plus, everything in the US is too expensive for a student like me ($3 + tax for a banh mi compared to other restaurant sure is cheap, but comparing with the price in Vietnam - no really. Pardon me for being such a cheap-ass college girl). As a banh mi-enthusiast, this is a torture. A hell on Earth that I wish time could fly much faster than it is now so summer could arrive early. And I could take off here and fly back to Vietnam.

My craving for banh mi and other Vietnamese food is insanely crazy. However, the thing I miss most is a legit homecook meal. My mom doesn't cook; my dad cooks sometimes. The one who does the cooking is a maid, who has been working for years at our house. I hate her, to be honest. She is annoying, nosy, and talkative. Ironically, I miss her home meal cooks while I'm gone. She is not the best chef, but I have eaten her food for years, now that not having it daily feels empty.

Away from home has its fun side. I get to do whatever I want: sleep late, wake up late, hang out until midnight (which I don't really do because I prefer staying at home and watch some dramas than sacrifying my body to the cold weather), eat whenever I feel like, etc. It is fun, for the first several months. Then hits finance and school works. My parents support me a lot in term of finance, but I know myself too have to try limit myself. I couldn't find any work to help them, so this is the only way. Also, my cooking skill is below zero. The only things I know is frying an egg and cooking an instant noodle. Good enough to survive. Thankfully my roommate is a decent cook, so I eat with her (together with another roommate). We share meals and money, which saves bunch of money. Even though I get some homecooks, there is a lot that missing from my roommate's cooking. I'm happy that she cooks for us, but her taste is way too strong compared to mine. And she primarily cooks pork and chickens, which happen to be my least favorite type of meat.

I know I shouldn't complain, but I really do miss my maid's cooking and the food in Vietnam. Fresh vegetables and herbs are so much cheaper than meat. There is a bundle of great fruit to eat with such low prices. Comparing to the life in the US, apart of the advanced technology and knowledge I can acquire, the nutrition I earn back is nothing.

Funny how I used to hate my maid's cooking, how I sometimes skipped breakfasts, lunches, and dinners at home to eat out, how I used to hate family meal times. Because when something is gone from your life, you begin to learn that it is the most important thing you can have. I wish I could turn back time and appreciate whatever I have. Now that most of the thing I used to have aren't with me, I feel regretted. A lot. And sad too. But I have to keep on moving, because summer is coming. And I can go back to my root and enjoy everything till my heart's content and till my stomache can't stuff in anything anymore.
Wait for me.
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