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4°C; running

i thought of running while i was... running

Recently I have been determined to become healthier and have better body. I started to run.

Before, I hated working out. I hated the smell of sweat, the feeling of sweat, and the idea of sweat. That disgusting liquid hovering all over my body makes me sick. I hated it. Loathed it. Despised it.

But hey, people can change. Now I'm into it. I'm willing to sacrifice my sleep (which is unsually thing to do because I could sleep 12 hours straight a year ago) and go for a run. As I am running, I love the feeling of the air blowing gently over my face, through my waving hair. I love it when one of my foot touches the ground and immediately jump back to the air as another foot reaches down. For a brief moment, I thought I could fly. I love the smell of morning grass, the silence of a morning city. I love the moment when I run pass a fellow runner, thinking "what motivates you?". I am pretty random, I know. But I couldn't help it. My upmost motivation is to possess leaner legs, and a better health. But the most important one is the legs (I have a fetish for lean legs. I would scream in terror knowing somebody wants to possess a bigger calves because hey, I can provide you some meat/fat/muscle if you want).

Dreaming of smaller calves, I begin to run. But as I run, I notice many things that I have left out during the hectic life. I realize that Seattle offers more than just a crowded place with cars, people, and buildings. I realize how much I have grown in love with the beauty of silence mornings and the peaceful nature I am offered from Seattle. I bet your city is the same too!

Try to slow down this busy life by going for a run. You don't need to run fast, run in a steady pace that you are comfortable the most, to enjoy the beauty surrounding you, and embrace it in. So that you won't feel lost and empty in this crazy world.
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