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3°C; my indefinite love for brownies

so i just figure out how much i love brownies...

2015-06-07 08.31.33-1.jpg

This one is dark chocolate. I had fudge one the day before yesterday too!

I have always thought that I could abandon sugar... until I took one bite of the goodness (aka brownies), I realized I was wrong.

As I took one bite, the flavor of dark chocolate spread around my mouth, giving a satisfying sensation. The fudgy side of the brownies is the plus too. It is the reason why I cannot stop eating brownies. I love fudgy and crunchy stuff.

However, I feel so wrong and guilty for my body. Because this one was a processed one, the one that I supposed not to eat because of all the weird chemical names, which are bad for your health. But I ate nearly all of them, nearly. I remember I ate 6 pieces in one sitting with no problem, even though my head knew that all of these stuff were deletorious.

I wouldn't eat this if my roommate didn't buy this for the upcoming potluck for our club. She wanted to try making it and I ended being the one who ate most of them #sorrynotsorry. But I should be sorry for my health because the chemical!!!!

After I am done with exams, I am determined to make my own brownies, the ones that are actually healthy enough for me eating them without feeling guilty of indulging chemicals into my body.
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