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2°C; "you're beautiful"

or so i was told

I was afraid that I would have nothing to post today since the only highlight of the day was free food. Well food is daily essential, but free -- the key word here is free. I attended an award at my school today and they provided free food. That was the only reason why I came, since I had no interest in knowing who receive what award and so on. The food was decent--either deliciously good or awefully bad. But I came out stuffed. And later I walked for 40 minutes to an Asian market to buy some snack and ate on the way home. I was mega stuffed afterward. 3 hours walking and I'm still stuffed while typing this. Uh oh.

Anyways, going back to our main point. Due to some straight reason, I was praised by two strange and random men on the street. They told me: "You're beautiful." I was shocked. I couldn't respond since we cross each other at the cross walk and I was dumbfounded. Never in my life I have been praised before (except for my parents which is obvious because which parents don't praise their own children?). More excitingly, it was strangers praising me. I was flattered. I'm pretty sure it was some mistake or something (because hello, nobody tells me this before. I am excited and scared at the same time. What if I was dreaming or this was a joke?).

I don't know about you, but being praised is something that can lighten my mood up to 1000%. I don't crave for attention or any sort, but receiving something from people makes me happy. Even though I'm in awe, I realize that in life, we have to appreciate and respect every single human being surrounding us. And that compliment them will totally make their days. And that it wouldn't hurt just to be nice to someone.

I'm too tired from all the walking to type any longer. I might edit some tomorrow (or no--depends on my mood and my procastinated alter-ego.
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